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Yes, I know... This book seems even crazier than the others I've offered you!

But this subject has fascinated me for years... let me explain why.

I'm a big fan of the Denver Broncos.   Back in 1997, they had a great record and were set to play their first playoff game at home, against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that only won 9 games and was a 14.5 point underdog!

But... the night before, I had a strange dream.

I could see the Broncos quarterback, John Elway, looking frustrated.

I could see Jacksonville players celebrating.

When I woke up the next day I had a bad feeling.   Later on the Denver Broncos lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 30-27 and were out of the playoffs, just like that.

What was the meaning of this?   Was it just a coincidence, or did I somehow manage to capture a glimpse of the future in my dream?

Watch This Video - Two Lottery Jackpot Winners Insist They
Had Dreams Predicting They
Would Win...

I saw the above shows when they aired on TV and decided that I must get to the bottom of this...

Luckily, after much time and expense, I acquired of copy of this odd little book, The Conquest of Time: Now You May Dream True.

In this book the author describes how he had dozens of prophetic dreams that helped win big at the racetrack... not only that, but he produces betting slips to prove everything he claims!

He was featured in the Sunday Pictorial of London in 1959 - on the front page no less!

The article was titled "A Fortune In His Dreams."

The author, Harold Harwood, later wrote the paper to correct a misunderstanding in the article and said:

The statement "nine out of ten winners" is not literally true and I did not claim that. What I said was that for every 100 won, I lost about 10.

This Author Is A Real Loon, But His Methods Are Nothing Short Of AMAZING...

He claims that he didn't publish this book to encourage gambling, but to wake people up from their "lethargic materialism."

I call him a "loon" because he then goes on to advocate communism and talk about how Jesus was basically a communist, along with giving voice to several other wacky notions.

But the meat and potatoes of this book is unreal - some of the best "occult" writing you'll ever get your hands on, like this:

"There are two schools of thought about the operation of prophecy. One school says it is the subconscious mind which knows the future (and a lot of other things) and that in the dream state, it is possible for the conscious mind to overlap the other mind and retain some of its knowledge.

The other school considers that the future is known by intelligences on another sphere; possibly humans who have passed on from mortal existence.

These intelligences sometimes convey to dreamers on earth the future knowledge, which the dreamer wishes to have, or even knowledge with which the dreamer has not concerned himself.

The author does not feel sure which school is right.   It may be a combination of both."

Here's What You'll Discover In Conquest Of Time:

How to see the future in your dreams, explained in easy to understand language

Dozens of examples of prophetic dreams from the author and his readers

Astrology, telepathy, and miracles - what they have to do with dreams

How to use "staggered lists" to better make sense of your dreams and pick more winners

The "Left/Right Method" explained - no matter what sort of mind you have, there is a method available to help you note the premonitions in your dreams

The preparations any serious experimenter must take care of

The correct way to interpret your dreams - I've never seen this information published elsewhere

Learn why "irrelevancies are important" - the information in your dream that seems to mean nothing on the surface is in fact the key to success!

The unbelievable phenomenon of M.E.P.E. (Material Establishment Prior the Event) revealed

The drawbacks involved in trying to dream winners... and how to avoid them

Dream the winner of any type of sporting event - football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse racing, boxing, MMA, and more

How the author created a "Dream Team" and could dream winners with the help of other people

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