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Email #1

Subject: Not impossible, not illegal... but this may scare the sh!t out of you...


Have you ever wanted to influence the people around you... without even saying a word?

* You can call me crazy... or you can learn:

* How to broadcast silent commands that must be obeyed

* How to create your own 'Hidden Brotherhood' and explode your psychic success

* Use these methods to hypnotize anyone in 10 seconds flat!

* How to avoid jealous or angry thought-vibrations - do this and women will flock to you

* The secret of the 'Silent Mind' - master this and you can do anything you want

* Consistently 'take over' any interaction with SIMPLE and REPEATABLE strategies

* How the 'Invisible Masters' influence our lives

* How several people were driven to suicide - just by the power of a 'curse'

* The Human Television Screen - and how to tune into it with your 'human antenna'

* How to create powerful thought currents that improve your concentration

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Email #2

Subject: The hidden mechanisms that exist...


underneath every interaction.

That's what 'The Lucifer Complex' is about.

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Millions Of People Possess These Gifts... But Few Ever Discover:

* The Mental Earphone - how to hear the thoughts of others

* Little-known secrets to bring out your natural "Psychic Powerhouse"

* The omens in our dreams and what they're trying to tell us

* 'Victims-Technology' explained - how mastering these skills will let you build your own cult

* A free software program that can produce some amazing tele-hypnosis results

* What to do when you sense you are under 'psychic attack'

* Why you must NEVER let anyone know what you're doing

* How to bring to life anything you can conceive mentally

* "Malicious Animal Magnetism" explained

* Tele-Image Transmitter: how to use image-forms to turn your dreams into reality!

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Email #3

Subject: Friend, do you believe in black magic?


I didn't...

until I started doing my homework!

Look, I don't know that 'casting spells' on people will have any effect, but the truth is this: currents of thought exist on this planet, and one may influence them in many ways.

If we can agree on that, then it's time you learn:

* The truth about 'Black Magic' and how it can influence people

* Methods that will make it seem like you're getting help from the 'Invisible World'

* The 14 laws of the 'Hidden Brotherhood'

* How to transform a THOUGHT into a THING!

* How to 'telepathize' your words and send them out into the world - without speaking

* The #1 reason why most "psychic" experimenters fail, and how to fix it

* The Hypno-Phone and Tele-Hypnosis, or: how to hypnotize people at a distance

* Why it's a bad idea to use this power with evil in mind...

* Step-by-step techniques to get in touch with your 'inner demon' - it sounds crazy, but this is probably the most valuable part of the book!

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